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Surfing Costa Rica: Nicoya Peninsula 4×4 Road Trip

Surfing Costa Rica Nicoya

Costa Rica Surfing Road Trip

Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica

Surfing is capricious, and compels you out of your usual range of familiarity. You just have a couple of moments to choose in case you will focus on that wave rapidly hurtling down behind you.

In the event that you surmise wrong, or waver, the outcomes probably won’t be lovely. In any case, on the off chance that you surmise right… the normal high of riding the intensity of the sea is unadulterated delight. A dependence that makes surfers get hammered and return for additional.

Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula connects from the northwest locale of the nation, isolated from the terrain by the Gulf of Nicoya.

With a long coastline and numerous remote uncrowded shorelines, it’s a great surfing goal. Particularly in light of the fact that it’s a meteorological sweet spot for creating Pacific sea swells.

Leasing a sweet 4X4 campaign truck from Nomad America that incorporated a housetop tent for outdoors, I investigated the landmass driving through wilderness streams and over harsh boondocks streets.

Best beaches in Costa Rica

Playa Guiones Beach

Surf shop in Nosara costa rica.

Juan Surfo’s Surf Shop

Nosara Costa Rica

My first stop in Nicoya was the residential community of Nosara, where I put in a couple of days simply getting over into the furrow of surfing, as I hadn’t ridden waves in a while. Surfing is one of my most loved games, however it’s much harder than it looks!The town of Nosara has turned into a well known place for expats from the United States and Canada to settle down, asserting a little bit of heaven for themselves.

The surf is tolerable all year, and a substantial shoreline called Playa Guiones brags bounty waves for individuals of all aptitude levels. I went through 3 days surfing around Nosara, and truly would not like to leave.

I can perceive any reason why such a significant number of expats choose to move here. It’s actually what you’d expect a sluggish wilderness surf town to resemble. Monkeys in the trees, yoga classes, soil streets, and a sound living vibe.

Surfing Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is especially uncommon in light of the fact that it’s such a huge shoreline. At 4 miles in length, you can stroll along interminably and take your pick from various surf spots, so it never feels super overcrowded.The zone is likewise a national asylum, which implies engineers can’t expand on the shoreline itself. So from the water, thinking back to shore, it just resembles a mass of wilderness before you.

You can hang out in minimal hand crafted “surf-shacks” with rooftops made of palm fronds, avoiding the sun to re-hydrate before heading over into the waves for all the more surfing.

Waves are truly delicate at Guiones, so it’s a great area for novices who are figuring out how to surf. It’s a pleasant wide sandy shoreline break… no stones or coral reef to stress over colliding with.

Costa Rica’s 4X4 Coastal Road

Following a couple of long stretches of surfing around Nosara, I stacked up the truck and began driving South along the drift on Route 160. Pulling off down harsh and sloppy byways to look at changed beaches.My mission was to drive an especially rough go 4×4 romping track that embraces the coastline from Nosara to Santa Teressa. It must be cultivated in an appropriate 4X4 truck, and it’s solitary conceivable amid the dry season.

This is on the grounds that there are 3 major waterways you should drive through on this course (Ora, Bongo, and Ario). Fjording streams in a 4×4 truck is a great deal of fun! Be that as it may, it can likewise be somewhat unsafe on the off chance that you don’t realize what you’re doing.

  • The most effective method to Drive Across A River
  • Know where your vehicle’s “water line” is (most extreme profundity)
  • Stroll over the waterway first, to guarantee it isn’t too profound
  • Focus on the passage and leave focuses
  • Move the truck into 4×4 Low
  • Drive gradual through the water, under 10 mph

On the off chance that the water is too profound, it can surge into the taxi, or even suffocate the motor (a snorkel keeps this). Solid flows can totally lift the vehicle off the ground, coasting downriver until the point that it achieves shallows once more.

The course probably won’t be as direct as you think either. The most secure way could require driving upriver a bit before intersection, so it’s insightful to watch another person go first if conceivable.

Camping Along The Way

I cherish campervan travels. The capacity to stop in favor of a street, a stopping region, or at a campground while you travel truly gives you a considerable measure of opportunity as a picture taker. Incredible for surfing remote breaks too!The Toyota FJ Cruiser I leased from Nomad America comes furnished with a housetop tent, rough terrain suspension and tires, cooking gear, loungers, collapsing table and seats, sunlight based shower, retractable overhang, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Leasing an undertaking truck in Costa Rica isn’t very costly, particularly the littler 4x4s which begin at $55 per day. In addition, no compelling reason to burn through cash on inns/inns when you have a tent on your rooftop!

Split between a gathering of 2-4 individuals it’s a lot, and a valid out of the way experience in Costa Rica

Surfing Santa Teresa

Smaller Days Can be Fun Too!

Santa Teresa Costa Rica

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Welcome To Tegucigalpa: Exploring The Honduran Capital

Heavily Armed Police in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The capital city of Honduras is filthy, risky, and costly. Simply the kind of place the vast majority endeavor to dodge. So normally I chose to go urban investigating and look at it.

When I started this little travel experience of mine, I disclosed to myself I needed to see everything. The great, the awful, and the monstrous. Interest is a piece of my DNA. Cheerful spots are just a single piece of the entire story.

In the wake of hearing bits of gossip that Tegucigalpa was a hazardous city, obviously I need to take in more about it direct. As far as I can tell most “unsafe” bits of gossip are misrepresented a lot.

Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean one ought to totally do without essential sound judgment.

Welcome to Tegucigalpa

Urban Jungle Of Honduras

Tegucigalpa is a rambling city of around 1 million individuals encompassed by mountains in the core of Honduras. There’s extremely no framework set up for spending explorers. It’s conceivable to locate a couple of modest insect filled motels; yet good fortunes finding a spotless, inviting, ease exploring lodging.

This is presumably in light of the fact that most voyagers don’t have valid justifications to wait here for any timeframe.

The city came into view through the window of a chicken transport as we slowed down through the mountains. A 200 yard swath of waste was strewn over the side of a lofty slope, consuming with smoldering heat with thick dark smoke.

Not actually the most welcoming initial introduction…

Razor Wire in Tegucigalpa

Rich Gringo Syndrome

White skin doesn’t generally enable you to travel economically in enormous Latin American urban communities. The taxi I found needed $120 Lempiras ($6 US) which is multiple times the cost of a taxi ride in the adjacent town of Comayagua.

The driver normally expected I was a tycoon like all gringos are, and balanced his costs appropriately. In the long run I talked him down to $90 Lempiras ($4.50 US) however, and off we went. I would already be able to advise I would prefer not to visit the city for long…

Mystery Embassy Meetup

My first request of business was to meet with a Dr. Juan Almendares, organizer of the Honduran philanthropy Movimiento Madre Tierra. I gave his enemy of mining association the gifts you all made through my site a month ago.

I called the great specialist from my razor-wire secured lodging overhang to plan an arrangement the following day. “Meet me before the Brazilian Embassy” he says.

The Brazilian Embassy? Isn’t that where ex-Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, looked for haven after he was expelled by a military roadster in 2009? Everything appeared a bit James Bond-ish.

Fruit Vendor in Tegucigalpa

Operation Don’t-Get-Robbed

In the wake of meeting with the well disposed philanthropy staff (unfortunately no offers to wind up a mystery operator), there were a couple of hours to kill before my transport ride out of the city and over the outskirt into Nicaragua. So I chose to “adapt” for a secretive photography session in the avenues.

To get ready for the mission I wore my dirtiest-looking garments, reserved my police-quality pepper shower into a simple access take, and wrapped my huge DSLR camera in a Keffiyah scarf. You can never be excessively cautious! 😀

Lamentably notwithstanding my arrangements, despite everything I emerged like a sore thumb in this city. Everybody was gazing at the uncovered headed gringo meandering around alone through the avenues by walking.

Taxis started pulling over despite the fact that I hadn’t waved to them. The drivers couldn’t in any way, shape or form comprehend for what reason I’d need to walk when they had a splendidly decent vehicle prepared to take me anyplace.

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Mysterious Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl Of Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Welcome to Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco. It’s well known for every one of the houses and shops painted distinctive shades of blue. A mysterious place to lose all sense of direction in with your camera!

The sun pounds hardheartedly, setting each shading around me on fire – and since everything is blue, I sense that I’m strolling over the mists in a legendary sky kingdom.

Be that as it may, this is no legend, it’s Chefchaouen. Situated in Northern Morocco, the city’s mark shading is an assortment of quieting shades of blue that bring down your pulse in a moment or two.

Known as Morocco’s “blue pearl” or “blue city”, the structures in Chefchaouen are painted utilizing a powder or chalk-based paint that looks so flabbergasting.

Investigating a maze of tight blue back streets possessing a scent like flavor, incense, blooms, and new oranges — was one of the features of my adventure to Morocco. In addition it’s a picture taker’s fantasy!

Chefchaouen Morocco Guide

Chefchaouen Morocco Jewish Population

For what reason Is Chefchaouen Blue?

Some will disclose to you that it’s an image of Jewish solidarity. During the 1930s, a sizeable populace of Jewish displaced people touched base in Chefchaouen, escaping Nazi oppression and the developing risk of war.The blue is intended to speak to harmony, wellbeing and the intensity of paradise. In this rendition of the story, blue dividers quickly spread outward from the city’s Jewish quarter, until the point when the whole city was aglow.

Kalam farigh! others would state (that is Arabic for “garbage”).

They’ll say the custom of painting dividers blue is Jewish, unquestionably, yet returns to the season of the city’s establishing, in the fifteenth Century, when it was worked around a stronghold used to guard occupants against Portuguese intruders.

As of now, neighborhood Moroccans lived close by Jews and Moriscos (previous Muslims who had changed over to Christianity) for a century or more.

Chefchaouen Blue City Viewpoint

View from Spanish Mosque Trail

Chefchaouen Morocco Square

Investigating The Blue City

The thin lanes of Chefchaouen (or Chaouen, as local people call it) make no endeavor to mollify the effect of the slope the city is based on. At times, stone advances walk straight up the incline, giving your legs a decent exercise.

In any case, when the roads open into open squares, look over the city, towards the adjacent Riff mountains.

The mountains over the city give the presence of two horns – and it’s trusted this is the place the name Chefchaouen originates from (actually signifying “watch the horns” in a neighborhood tongue).

Be that as it may, whatever is left of the time, continue checking out you. This is a jaw-droppingly excellent city! It transports you into an alternate world.

Things To Do In Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen Shopping

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