What -s-The-Importance-Of-Hajj-And-Why-One-Should-Go-There?

What Is The Importance Of Hajj And Why One Should Go There?

Hajj has been one of the most important places where all the Muslims from every ethnic, color, their social status, and culture gather in Mecca standing in front of their Kaaba and worshiping and praising Allah together.

The only reason behind the making of this ritual is to encourage the unity and expressing that everyone is equal in Allah’s eyes. It is important to go for the Hajj as this is the place where one gets to know the real importance of life on earth, and about the afterlife, as here one is stripped out of all their prestige, prosperity, and their pride.

And during the whole hajj travel, you will find all the Muslims wearing white clothes named Ihram. And you will find that all the crusader’s during the Hajj worships for the sake of reestablishment of the main purpose for them being live on earth.

Royal Indonesia
Royal Indonesia

Being such an important place for all the Muslims, there are some of the rules that every person on Hajj has to follow.

Being one of the purest rituals for every Muslim, thus the one who is taking part in this hajj has to be in the state of Ihram (in which they need to wear special white clothes) and must obey all the rules and regulations mentioned below –

  1. The person on hajj may not engage on any marital relations.
  2. They should not shave or cut their nails.
  3. One must not use cologne or any scented oils.
  4. They must not hunt or kill anything.
  5. Fighting and arguing is just not the part that any person on hajj can play.
  6. It is compulsory that the women’s that are in Hajj, must not cover their faces even if they are covering it in their hometown or country.
  7. Men’s are not allowed to wear stitched clothes.
  8. One can bath but should not use any scented soaps.

Apart from these, it is also important for the one to be sure about all the rituals and must choose the hajj traveler that is providing you with everything right from the travel, to good food, booking hotels in advance, and should do everything for making the Hajj a grand success for the visitors.

I personally suggest my family and friends get their bookings done with the Royal Indonesia that made my journey successful with everything that a Hajj going person should know and have with them. Everything was pre-planned and I did not have to look for anything apart from worshiping as everything is done by them only.

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