Welcome To Tegucigalpa: Exploring The Honduran Capital

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Heavily Armed Police in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The capital city of Honduras is filthy, risky, and costly. Simply the kind of place the vast majority endeavor to dodge. So normally I chose to go urban investigating and look at it.

When I started this little travel experience of mine, I disclosed to myself I needed to see everything. The great, the awful, and the monstrous. Interest is a piece of my DNA. Cheerful spots are just a single piece of the entire story.

In the wake of hearing bits of gossip that Tegucigalpa was a hazardous city, obviously I need to take in more about it direct. As far as I can tell most “unsafe” bits of gossip are misrepresented a lot.

Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean one ought to totally do without essential sound judgment.

Welcome to Tegucigalpa

Urban Jungle Of Honduras

Tegucigalpa is a rambling city of around 1 million individuals encompassed by mountains in the core of Honduras. There’s extremely no framework set up for spending explorers. It’s conceivable to locate a couple of modest insect filled motels; yet good fortunes finding a spotless, inviting, ease exploring lodging.

This is presumably in light of the fact that most voyagers don’t have valid justifications to wait here for any timeframe.

The city came into view through the window of a chicken transport as we slowed down through the mountains. A 200 yard swath of waste was strewn over the side of a lofty slope, consuming with smoldering heat with thick dark smoke.

Not actually the most welcoming initial introduction…

Razor Wire in Tegucigalpa

Rich Gringo Syndrome

White skin doesn’t generally enable you to travel economically in enormous Latin American urban communities. The taxi I found needed $120 Lempiras ($6 US) which is multiple times the cost of a taxi ride in the adjacent town of Comayagua.

The driver normally expected I was a tycoon like all gringos are, and balanced his costs appropriately. In the long run I talked him down to $90 Lempiras ($4.50 US) however, and off we went. I would already be able to advise I would prefer not to visit the city for long…

Mystery Embassy Meetup

My first request of business was to meet with a Dr. Juan Almendares, organizer of the Honduran philanthropy Movimiento Madre Tierra. I gave his enemy of mining association the gifts you all made through my site a month ago.

I called the great specialist from my razor-wire secured lodging overhang to plan an arrangement the following day. “Meet me before the Brazilian Embassy” he says.

The Brazilian Embassy? Isn’t that where ex-Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, looked for haven after he was expelled by a military roadster in 2009? Everything appeared a bit James Bond-ish.

Fruit Vendor in Tegucigalpa

Operation Don’t-Get-Robbed

In the wake of meeting with the well disposed philanthropy staff (unfortunately no offers to wind up a mystery operator), there were a couple of hours to kill before my transport ride out of the city and over the outskirt into Nicaragua. So I chose to “adapt” for a secretive photography session in the avenues.

To get ready for the mission I wore my dirtiest-looking garments, reserved my police-quality pepper shower into a simple access take, and wrapped my huge DSLR camera in a Keffiyah scarf. You can never be excessively cautious! 😀

Lamentably notwithstanding my arrangements, despite everything I emerged like a sore thumb in this city. Everybody was gazing at the uncovered headed gringo meandering around alone through the avenues by walking.

Taxis started pulling over despite the fact that I hadn’t waved to them. The drivers couldn’t in any way, shape or form comprehend for what reason I’d need to walk when they had a splendidly decent vehicle prepared to take me anyplace.